The traffic unit was established in the year 1959 under the control of Police Station Aberdeen. The traffic  for the enforcement of traffic rules especially against dangerous driving, over speeding, drunken driving, riding without helmet, smoke emission etc. to inculcate a sense of discipline and safety among the road users and the pedestrians. White traffic uniform is being issued to the Head Constable as well as constabulary rank with effect from 1998.

Port Blair, the capital city of A & N Islands is fast developing as a modern city with the growth of modern housing, hotels, shops and increase in the transport fleet. All this has led to sudden increase in vehicular traffic on the roads of Port Blair, Andaman Trunk Road as well as other Sub-divisional Head Quarter. This phenomenon has manifested in numerous traffic problems. The number of vehicles in the Islands has risen from 10,000 in 1990 to 50,000 approx. at present. With limited resources of manpower and equipments, Traffic Police is trying its level best to achieve the following objectives:- 

i)                   To provide safe and smooth flow of traffic; 

ii)                 To effectively enforce traffic rules and regulations; 

iii)               Inculcate road safety awareness through education;   

a.         Education

b.         Regulation

c.          Enforcement

The Action Plan of Andaman & Nicobar Traffic Police is focused on three major areas as mentioned below :-   

The Action Plan is implemented through Road Safety Education and by improving road conditions and traffic discipline on roads by means of signages and signals. Every effort is being made to persuade road users in the traffic management and awareness campaign for observance of traffic rules. For enforcement, regular checking of the vehicles is done  and the defaulters challaned for Traffic Violations. Regular camps are also organized for pollution checking of the vehicles as also for eye testing for vision and colour blindness. Special drives against violation   of   route permit over- speeding,   over loading, dangerous driving, drunken driving, use of multiple horn, obstructive parking, driving two wheeler without helmet etc are also frequently conducted. 

Andaman & Nicobar Police has constituted a Traffic Advisory Committee for Port Blair as well as for Car Nicobar. Inspector General of Police is Chairman of Traffic Advisory Committee at Port Blair and Superintendent Police, Car Nicobar for the Committee at Car Nicobar. The issues relating  to the improvement of traffic regulations/ enforcement, education, road conditions etc. are discussed in the meetings of above Committees. The Committee at Port Blair comprises of  SP (D) Andaman, Superintending Engineer, APWD, Port Blair, Secretary, PBMC, Port Blair, Medical Superintendent, G.B.Pant Hospital Port Blair, President, Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Port Blair, President, Rotary Club, Port Blair, President, Lions Club, A & N Islands,  President of Private Bus Owners Association, Representatives of schools and   Media. ASP/DySP South Andaman, sub division functions as  Coordinator. Besides aforesaid permanent members, Citizen's participation and cooperation is also elicited in traffic management from time to time.   

Road Safety Week

“The A&N Islands have recently seen a spate of increase in the number of vehicles. 

              The A&N Traffic Police has been making all out efforts to regulate the traffic.  The area of priorities have been three “Es”.

          E          -          Enforcement

          E          -          Engineering

          E          -          Education


          Recently, the engineering aspect has also been given due importance and the traffic police has installed several fluorescent signages to increase the visibility, even during rights and rains.  Flexible cones have also been placed on the dividing lines of the roads for safe for safe and smooth flow of traffic.  Modern gadgets like Interceptor, Speed Radar Gun, Alcometer, Fluorescent Jacket, Light batons are also in use.

          On the educational front, “Road Safety Week” is celebrated in the month of January every year.  During this week several events are organized.  Through out the year also, these events are organized on regular basis.  Apart from that, the Children Traffic Park situated in Port Blair and Car Nicobar have also been doing splendid job of educating children.  In Port Blair, around 100 children visit the Traffic Park every day,. Which goes upto more than 200 on holidays.

          The educational aspect is further required to be emphasized because education will not only make the people, especially children, sensitive about the rules and regulations, it will also make them aware of the rights of other people using the road.  This culture could easily be inculcated by showing them firms on Road Safety through Doordarshan, Cables, Screening in the Schools and at Children Traffic Park etc.

          In this scenario, it is proposed to produce films on Road Safety be hiring professional agencies either locally available or from mainland.  The films produced here will be appealing to the people and they will feel identified and attached with it.

          Initially, we can have three programmes of 10 minutes each showing all the Do’s and Don’ts  of traffic rules and regulations, Road Safety measures etc.  The draft of terms and conditions, agreement, tender notice, financial and technical bids are attached here for perusal and approval.

As part of road safety education, workshop, seminar,  painting and essay competitions are organized to create awareness and to instill a sense of road discipline and to educate public / road users about safe driving. Observance of traffic rules by citizen shall certainly go a long way in bringing orderliness on roads of Port Blair.

Vehicle wise prosecution statement for the year 2008 upto 01st Jan.,  2014.

Type of Vehicle
    2009   2010 2011 2012 2014 upto 01st Jan.
1 Bus 1280 902 1392 1709 1979 2111
2 Truck 1026 511 799 1001 1284 1119
3 Van 371 140 356 481 795 771
4 Taxi/Car/Jeep 2276 2013 3423 4951 6227 5108
5 Auto 2358 2330 2759 3825 7870 6359
6 2-Wheeler 11880 11846 12659 12532 10167 13861
7 Other Vehicles 02 -- -- -- -- --
Total 19,193 17,742 21388 27499 28322 29329
Amount in Rs 35,84,600


45,89,000 61,92,100 64,99,300