The District of Andaman came into existence as a separate District in the year 1991 with its headquarters at Port Blair after the bifurcation of the erstwhile single district comprising of Andaman & Nicobar group of Islands. There are three sub divisions, 12 police stations and 15 Police Out posts in Andaman District. The details are as follows: -

South Andaman Sub Division

       The South Andaman Sub Division consist of South Andaman Island, Neil Island, Havelock and Little Andaman (Hutbay). The Police Station Aberdeen covers the area of capital town Port Blair which is the hub of the activities in the Islands. Police Station Pahargaon cover the adjoining  areas south of Port Blair. Neil and Havelock Islands are located about 19-20KMs to the North East of Port Blair and are accessible by ship services. The Police Station Hutbay is located in Little Andaman which is about 100KMs South of Port Blair.

Police Stations

Police Out Post






Hut Bay

Dugong Creek



Humphry Gunj   Rutland
Neil Island  

Middle Andaman Sub Division

Middle Andaman Sub Division covers the areas mainly of Middle Andaman Island and Barantang Island. The areas are accessible by road except Baratang and Kadamtala which are linked with regular vehicle ferry services at Middle Strait. Police Station Bambooflat is located North of Port Blair whereas the Police Stations Ograbraj is located North West of Port Blair. The Police Station Kadamtala is located at a distance of 140 KMs North West of Port Blair. The Maximum areas of Police Station Bambooflat, Baratang &  Kadamtala is designated as Jarawa Reserve Area.

 Police Stations

Police Out Post






Tirur, Dundas Point





North Andaman Sub Division

    Sub Division North Andaman consists mainly of North Andaman Island and a large portion of Middle Andaman. Police Station Rangat, Billiground and Mayabunder are located in the Middle Andaman area whereas the Police Station Kalighat and Diglipur are located in the North Andaman Islands. The other main island under the jurisdiction of this sub division are Interview Island, East Island, Norcondum and Long Island. Police Stations Rangat, Billiground and Mayabunder are accessible by roads whereas the Police Station Kalighat and Diglipur can be reached by ferry services from Mayabunder and by Inter Island shipping services from Port Blair. The Police Station Rangat is located at a distance of 170 KM North of Port Blair, Police Station Billiground is located at a distance of 200 KM North and Police Station Mayabunder is located at a distance of 240 KM North Port Blair.

Police Stations

Police Out Post



Long Island


Billiground Badamnallah



Chainpur No. 1




Sagar Dweep, Radhanagar

Population Composition:-

    The Population of the District consists mainly of the Bengalis, Tamilians and locals. North and Middle Andaman are inhabited mainly by Bengalis whereas the communities which comprise the population of South Andaman areas are the Bengalis, Tamilians and the locals.

Additional Duties of SP(D) Andamans

    Civil Authority and Registration Officer: The Superintendent  of Police/District Andaman has been nominated as Registration Officer and Civil Authority by the A & N Administration under the Foreigners order 1948. In his capacity as Registration Officer, the Superintendent of Police / Andaman is regulating the arrival and movements of the Foreigners in this territory. He is exercising the powers  of according permission upto 30 days to any Foreigner for visiting the restricted areas. As Civil Authority he is responsible for confining any foreigner who has entered Indian territory un-authorisedly  (specially foreign poachers) during the transition period i.e. after their release from the Jail till their repatriation to their country. He has  to make various arrangements for providing meals and medical care to these foreigners during this period. To discharge the duties as Registration Officer in respect of Foreigners and as Civil Authority is an additional and important work being done by SP(D).